Accounting outsourcing in Russia

Accounting outsourcing in Russia is the main area of expertise of KBK Accounting. For almost 10 years we have been successfully providing accounting outsourcing services in Russia to our clients coming from all industry sectors. We can offer both, complete accounting outsourcing in Russia as well as accounting outsourcing of specific areas.

Our experts with vast professional experience and background can solve accounting issues of any complexity and provide professional advice. When choosing KBK Accounting for accounting outsourcing in Russia, you ensure full compliance with local legislation and internal corporate rules as well as full transparency of all transactions.

Our accounting outsourcing services in Russia include the following:

1. Comprehensive accounting and tax bookkeeping:

  • Development and update of the accounting and tax policies;
  • Set-up of the bookkeeping from the scratch; installation, set-up and update of a necessary software;
  • Collection and double-check of all primary documentation;
  • Making records of all transactions / payments into accounting system;
  • Preparation of reconciliation statement with counterparties;
  • Processing of expense reports and business trips;
  • Tax computation and notice of the client to make all necessary payments;
  • Preparation of payments in online banking system, EDS signing, if necessary;
  • Foreign currency control.

2. HR & Payroll

3. Preparation of financial statements, tax returns and internal corporate reports

4. Review and restoration of bookkeeping

It is every so often happens that there are some records or even documents missing which could lead to a financial loss in form of fines and penalties. If by starting the accounting outsourcing, we are taking over the accounting from a former provider, we offer the services of internal review (audit) and, when necessary, restoration of the correct accounting and tax records, including the following:

  • Analysis of current data in accounting and tax bookkeeping;
  • Estimation of the missing volumes of bookkeeping data and of the time required to restore it;
  • Correction of mistaken records and preparation of missing documents;
  • Preparation of reconciliation statements with the authorities and counterparties;
  • Preparation of adjusted financial statements and tax reports.