Accounting outsourcing

Our specialists provide a variety of necessary services in the field of accounting and tax bookkeeping with only a minimal involvement of our clients’ employees. We take a personal approach and prepare an individual commercial offer for each client based on its business nature and requirements. You can find a short overview of KBK Accounting services below. Please notice that it is not an exhaustive list of outsourcing services as we never set any boundaries. In case you need to address some other issues related to accounting and bookkeeping, we are always ready to analyze your case and provide you with an individual solution.

I. Development and update of the accounting policy;

II. Set-up of the bookkeeping; creation of the accounting database of the client; installation and setup of a necessary software based on client's requirements;

III. Providing accounting services:

a. Receiving of incoming documents of the client: receiving of primary documents of suppliers (form the client or supplier) for its subsequent processing and inserting of data into the database.
b. Processing of incoming and outgoing documents:
Processing of primary documents for settlements with suppliers and customers;
c. Setting up and keeping of the register of documents and purchase and sales transactions, preparation of purchase book and sales book;
d. Accounting follow up of incoming and outgoing financial business documents circulation;
e. reconciliation with contractors:
comparison of accounting data in settlement payments and suppliers for the aim of inconsistencies remove in accounting registers of two companies und reduction of risks of undesirable effects in case of cross-audit by tax authorities;
f. Accounting follow up of settlement payments.
g. Preparation of primary documents:
preparation of documents under concluded agreements; Preparation of invoices for payment, tax invoices, consignment notes or acceptance acts (in accordance with the legislation of the RF).

IV. Personnel settlements accounting

a. Wage calculation
– wage calculation for employees of enterprises in accordance with enterprise’s list of positions and remunerations (personnel chart);
– calculation of leaves, temporary incapacity caused by illness, injures, etc.;
– full accounting follow up of personnel settlements;
b. Calculation of taxes and insurance contributions of employees to be charged and deducted;
c. Preparation of documents:
– Preparation and execution of documents for settlements with personnel;
– Setting up and accounting follow up of advance statements, business trip reports of employees;
d. Submission of register excerpts and inquiries: submission of information on income received (NDFL-2 form), employment verifications, other information in accordance with forms provided by the legislation of the RF;
e. HR record keeping:
– Preparation and keeping of applications, orders, labor contracts, personal employees cards
– filing and keeping of employees’ personal records;
f. Business trips processing;
g. Entertainment costs processing; Preparation of advance statements;

V. Tax computation and notification of clients about liability to make all necessary payments. 

Consultations and recommendations: oral and written consultations on accounting and tax issues in accordance with the current legislation of the RF.

VI. Preparation of financial statements

a. Preparation and submission of financial statements in accordance with requirements of the Russian legislation
– preparation and submission of annual financial statements in accordance with Russian Accounting Standards;
– Preparation and submission of all necessary declaration under electronic communication channels (SBiS++);
– Preparation and submission of all necessary reports for the Pension Fund of RF and Social Insurance Fund of RF under electronic communication channels (SBiS++);
– Preparation and submission of all necessary statistic reports;
b. Preparation of corporate statements for the client:
– Control of main data of the Russian accounting (balance and financial result statement);
– Control of bank transactions in German language;
c. Preparation of corporate internal reports in accordance with the form provided by the client, including such based on IFRS;
d. Financial situation (Cash flow) forecasting

VII. Bank support

– Preparation of payments in online banking system, EDS signing, if necessary
– Foreign currency control.

Tax consulting

During business activities of the company, no one is secure against mistakes. One of many is the neglect in accounting and tax bookkeeping when there are some records or even documents missing which could lead to a financial loss in form of fines and penalties. To avoid this we are ready to undertake the following:
– Analyze of current data in accounting and tax bookkeeping;
– Estimation of the missing volumes of bookkeeping data;
– Estimation of the time required to restore all missing data;
– Correction of mistaken documents and preparation of missing documents;
– Filing the registers of bookkeeping;
– Preparation of financial statements (if data is unavailable or if data correction is required);
– Preparation of reconciliation statements with authorities and contractors.


Preparation (and submission) of quarterly reports and, especially, annual financial statements is a very important task and should be trusted to experienced staff.
With a non-stop process of changes being made to statutory forms, it is a very difficult issue to prepare a correct report, which more and more often cannot be solved without involving a third-party specialist.
We offer you a full package of financial statements as well as preparation of only necessary reports.
– Updating from client’s contact person accounting data and accounting transactions, performed during the reporting period (if necessary);
– Registration with a special provider to submit all the reports online;
– Preparation of the quarterly reports to funds;
– Preparation of annual financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss report);
– Preparation of other reporting forms (upon the request from a client);
– Submission of all reports by online means.
We assure you that all reports we submit are in compliance with the current laws of the RF, and we secure the whole confidentiality of submitted reports.

CFO services

Financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS are a common source of information for foreign parent companies which have subsidiaries in Russia.
Preparation of financial statements based on IFRS requires a presence of high-skilled staff with knowledge of Russian accounting standards as well as international accounting rules. Besides, such accountant must have a good command of English, at least.
We offer to you the following services:
– Transformation of Russian reports into IFRS-based statements;
– Preparation of consolidate financial statements;
– Preparation of internal management reports.


Interim management

Founding of a new company in Russia requires finding a solid candidate for the position of the general director. Visa obtaining and job permit obtaining for a foreign expert, as well as the search of a suitable employee in Russia can take a lot of time.
In accordance with the legislation of the RF the functions of the executive body of the company can be transferred to a managing company. We offer KBK Accounting as the managing company for the period of absence of the general director by founding of the company.

We cooperate with the law firm Brand & Partner together on all legal issues. The firm Brand & Partners advises on all aspects of Russian business law and provides legal representation in courts. With our 15 attorneys, lawyers and tax advisors Brand & Partner operates on the full-service concept. The main consulting focuses are corporate, tax and real estate law as well as sales, employment law and litigation. The firm’s attorneys possess extensive experience in German and international law firms and therefore operate at an international level in German, English and Russian