Tax consulting in Russia

We advise our clients on all questions of Russian tax laws and tax accounting.

We cooperate with Brand & Partner when it comes to tax consulting in Russia. Their lawyers and tax advisors have extensive expertise in Russian and international tax law. Some of their employees have professional experience in the Russian tax authorities, which can be of additional benefit to our clients.

KBK Accounting offers the following tax consulting services in Russia:

  • Company’s set-up: we are ready to provide a short overview of general tax risks / consequences associated with starting a new business in Russia, incl. the approach for financing, drafting the agreement for commercial activities, tax consulting on intra-group transactions, communication with the local state authorities and more;
  • Tax consulting on any aspects of the local tax legislation in Russia;
  • Preparation / review of the company’s tax policy applicable for tax bookkeeping purposes;
  • Preparation / review of the company’s internal policies related to allocation of income / costs within the group of the companies, business trips, bonuses etc.;
  • Preparation / review of the company’s contracts for any kind of business activities (import / export of goods, rendering of the services, performance of works, loan agreements etc.), assessment and mitigation of any tax risks incl. application of the double tax treaties;
  • Transfer pricing tax consulting: preparation of the notification on controlled transactions, preparation of the documentation for controlled transactions, preparation of the three-tiered transfer pricing documentation;
  • Preparation / review of the company’s tax returns and tax calculations;
  • VAT on e-services: preparation of the application for the tax registration for VAT purposes of foreign providers of e-services in Russia, incl. preparation and submission of regular VAT tax returns;
  • Internal tax audit: review of the company’s activities and relevant tax risks as well as advice on tax risk mitigation; 
  • Assistance during tax audits: we can help you in preparing the response to any inquiries of the tax authorities. If we identify any mistake in the tax records and / or tax returns, we will help you to correct it and avoid or minimize any tax fines and penalties;
  • Tax disputes: we will assist you in case a tax audit led to a dispute or a claim from the tax authorities or if your company suffered due to any action / inaction of the tax authorities.